#TeamYOS Fitness + Foolishness

Our favorite travel babes, Fitness + Foolishness, have been hosting tropical wellness retreats since 2013. You will catch these two staying fit and having fun in locations like Barbados, Hawaii and Bali and making us always dreaming of spring break. 

How did Fitness & Foolishness come about? 
Sweet + Thrasher: We met in 2007 while working together at a marketing agency in NYC. We became fast friends and realized we had similar passions for staying in shape, traveling, warm weather and having fun. We'd exchange ideas and dream of the day we could make it happen. Then when Thrasher moved to Cayman, we started implementing our ideas and in 2013 we held our first international retreat in Barbados.

What's your favorite exercise mood enhancer-ie) setting, music, etc.? 
Sweet: The sun is my best motivator. I'm a swimmer, so when the sun is shining, I'm dying to get into an outdoor pool and log some miles.
Thrasher: Dope workout clothes (like YOS!!!) always motivates me and really good, loud music.

What's currently on your workout playlist?
Sweet: Machel Montano "Fast Wine" by Konshens "Stop Sign" by Noise Cans "Caan Dun" and any new Dancehall playlist.
Thrasher: Currently pretty random, "Call On Me" by Starley, Ryan Riback; "Mundian to Bach Ke" by Panjabi MC, "Enjoy Yuh Life" by Beenie Man.

What's your favorite post workout snack? 
We both usually opt for something light that can still hold you over like a smoothie (go to combo: papaya, banana, coconut milk, tumeric) with Purely Elizabeth granola on top.

What do you recommend as a easy, go-to workout while traveling - an activity to fight jet lag? 
Sweet: stretching and rolling out muscles/feet with a pinky ball. I always take a resistance band and some gliders with me.
Thrasher: If there's not really an opportunity to do cardio to tire you out, then body weight exercises in the room, abs and melatonin :-)  

Must have products while traveling?  
Sweet: R+Co badlands dry shampoo paste, coconut oil, sunscreen, and a hat!
Thrasher: Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum (new obsession!), moisturizing sheet masks, R+Co shampoo/conditioner and peppermint oil.

Favorite destination to workout/exercise?
Anywhere tropical with crystal clear water!!! 


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